July 2, 2007…

…was the day I started to turn my life around.  I had been for a fitness/health consultation the week before at the Greco Lean & Fit School in Barrhaven (www.grecoleanandfit.com).  The numbers were not good.  I had a dangerous BMI and high fat % level for my age, more than either should have been for someone who was only 32 (or any age really!).  I actually remember tears welling up and making me very sad to think that I had gotten to that point.  But, sometimes you need to hit bottom to find your way back up.  And, it could have been much, much worse.

Here is a bit of a short backstory to my journey…

I had been very unhappy for years and doing things for lots of people but nothing for myself.  I was eating, not well, and not paying attention to anything really.  I had a bad car accident in October 2006 that shook me up, scared me, and made me realize that my life was completely off the rails.  I knew I had to do something, and so I started paying more attention and thinking about what I could possibly do to improve my life.

When the Ottawa Senators were on the Stanley Cup run, I kept hearing about Greco Lean & Fit – I think their slogan was something about changing your life.  That’s what I wanted.  Exactly.  It was a little subliminal, I have to say.  The more I heard it, the more I paid attention. I called and made an appointment for the consultation.  I was extremely nervous coming in….and then the numbers….

The night before I started my first 10 week program, July 1st (Canada Day), I had some nachos and a Guinness in the Byward Market…..and I told my friend that it would be a while before I had anything like that again…..

I celebrated my 60 lbs of weight loss this year, at the same place, on the same night, by having more of the same, and frankly, it was a pretty awesome feeling.

What I am going to do here, although a little out of order, is try to recap what I did to get where I am and what I am doing to maintain where I’m at.  I will also continue to improve along the way and update on progress, etc.

I really have no magic pill for any of this.  I worked hard, had tremendous help along the way, and I think my story could give one other person the courage to get their life under control and see some pretty amazing results.

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