the elusive chinup

So, last night I tested for chinups.  I can’t do one yet, but I’m about 1/2 way there.  My trainer, Brad, uses a technique for chinup assistance with bands.  It was hard to stand when you have elastics on your feet, but it did help with the overall pulling up motion.

Part of the strategy to get to the point where you can do chinups is getting your body weight lower – makes sense right?  To help with that,  I’m back on my meal planning.  I did that for about 8 months, starting in November 08 and lasting until my 2 year anninversary in July 09.  On the meal plan, I lost 20 lbs in addition to the 40 I had lost with exercising and general better eating alone.  With what I have implemented for my meal plan, I have also been able to keep the weight in check, meaning that I can essentially eat what I want and have since July (within some reasonable limits which includes – ice cream, pizza, donuts, etc…) and not gained anything.  I have fluctuated around the 160 lbs point, about 2-4 lbs either way.

My mean planning is simple.  Lean protein and protein supplements if I can’t get in actual protein, complex carbs and some simple carbs, and a small amount of fat.  I try to spread the food over 5 meals, but if I can’t make it, 4 is ok.

The trick I have always tried to maintain is not letting myself get tied to the numbers.  I don’t look at the weight number per say, I only care about it’s direction.  Overall, it should be going down or maintaining it’s position.  If it goes up, then I know I have to tighten up the eating and get it back into a reasonable range.  This is just something I learned along the way, and when you’re first starting you do enjoy seeing the numbers go down, but you can’t be married to what the number is.  After all, it is just a number… age.  It’s all made up.   🙂

I continue to do my Lean & Fit routine 2-3 times a week and I’ve been thinking that to order to gain strength i will switch it up and start 2-3 times a week of strength training.  I talked to Brad last night and he agrees that it would get me to my goals faster.  I’ll have to try to arrange something.

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