the first pushup from the floor

Back in February, when I started my Personal Training sessions, I began working on pushups along with a number of other exercises including squats.  We really worked on squats ALOT in the beginning.  Along the way, I pickup up the kettlebell for a few weeks (double hand swing) and skipping.  I used to skip all the time as a kid.  Funny what you take for granted when you’re ten years old….

Last week I did one pushup, almost, from the floor.  Last night I did 2.  I’ve been working hard to make that happen – to achieve the real “male” style pushups – with knees elevated from the ground.  I attribute it to all the upper body work that Brad has had me do over the past few weeks.  I’ve also been practicing pushups at home every day I’m not training.  A few a day from a step about 6″ off the floor.

One step at a time – it really does work.

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