Scott Abel and James Hillman – an unlikely combination

I started reading Scott Abel‘s blog about a year ago, when I was doing some research on leadership, training, etc.  He’s a fitness trainer responsible for the MET (Metabolic Enhancement Training) regime.  Brad gave me his name and that was that….I’ve been keeping up with his blog ever since.  His writing resonates with me.  It makes me think, it usually evokes some kind of emotional response and it steps me out of my own head.

His September 2009 entry speaks to being true to yourself and your You-niqueness (love it!).

When your life is always defined by what other people have in store for you (whether a boss, a spouse, a parent), you can’t reasonably expect to be your own person – EVER.  You will always live within anothers’ expectations of what you were meant to do/be.  Stepping out as an individual and being prepared to buck the system (life is full of so many systems!) is necessary.  Scott talks about excavating your essence to find your true self and to discover your true “potential” (my interpretation).

Another writer that I simply love (LOVE) is Dr. James Hillman.  His book, The Soul’s Code: In Search of Character and Calling is along the same lines….

What this has to do with me and my training?  Well…I’m not entirely sure yet.  It’s something I’ve picked up along the way to keep in my Tickle Trunk.

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