The art of slow…

I’ve never been one to do anything slowly, unless I didn’t want to do it.  I have to remember that I am not in competition with anyone and there is no race to be won.

With the strength training, since I cannot flex my spine like most people, and subsequently, Brad cannot see my spine flex, I have to be more aware of what my internal spinal mechanics are doing.  I live alot in my head, so you would think I would be very good at listening to what my internals are doing, but sadly, no.  The brain has a more verbal/theory language, where the body has a more physical/practical language.  By doing this strength class, I am “forced” to listen to how my body feels – to understand where the pressure is, where the stress points are.  I’ve been learning slowly but now it’s time to really pay attention.  My body is not like other people’s and I have to be aware of that.

The class if generally split in two loose groups.  One does the squat/chest press while the other group does the dead lift/overheard press.  Last class I did the squat and press.  Tonight I did the Romanian dead lift (practicing technique) , and instead of the overhead press (due to some upper back flexibility limitations) I did the bench press with dumb bells.  I started with 20lbs, ramped it up to 30lbs and stepped it back down to 25lbs.  Will be working on that over the next while.

No class this Friday due to the PT Certification.  Back at it again on Monday, and in the mean time, I continue to work on my pushups at home.

Meal 5

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