Weightlifting for the mind….

Strength class is like weightlifting for the mind.  Thanks Brad for that sage insight!

If strength class isn’t about an underlying philosophy of life, then what is?

Something else I learned tonight – when you stack weight plates on a barbell, the goal is to keep the power inside the bar.  What does this mean and why should you care?  Well, it means that the carved out parts of the weight plates face inward towards you and the smooth part faces out.  You should care because this is the rule of the road, the way serious people stack plates.

I’m trying to find out from a engineering point of view why this is, but I have been unsuccessful in finding anything online.  My argument was – 10 lbs is 10 lbs is 10 lbs.  But, I could see that there is some sense to this.  If you were to look at the distribution of weight over the plate in the vertical position, there would be more weight distributed to the outer (not carved) portion of the plate than to the carved part.  I imagine that when one lifts the weight that it forces the weight to shift “outwards”.  Not sure, this is just my “theory”.

What about a weight plate that has carved out parts on both sides?  Well, that’s the life lesson.  No matter what the rules are, sometimes things just won’t fit the mold.

I did some seated rows tonight.  Funny, I can do them on the pulley machine (or at least I did last year), but they were tough like dirt tonight.  I seem to have a problem pushing my shoulder blades together.  And at a higher weight, I did what is referred to as a “chicken neck” – sticking my neck out.  Brad said no matter how far I stick my neck out, it won’t bring me closer to the bar which I’m pulling in.  It improved at a lower weight.  Everything else – bench press, squats, pulldowns – are moving along.  Working on getting up to higher reps to move to the next level of weight.  I’m having loads of fun.

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