Two weeks on my own…

I’m going away for about two weeks for work.  I will be missing Strength class, and I’m a little sad.  It’s lots of work, but it’s also lots of fun.  I’m going to continue working on my own with the last numbers I got from last nights class.  My goal is to make about 10-20% or better improvements by the time I get back to class on November 30th.  I think I can do it.  For example, if I’m lifting 20lbs in something I want to be lifting about 25-30lbs.

My left arm bicep curl is still weaker than my right.  However, the other day when I was doing the dumbbell press, my left arm was stronger and my right arm was giving out.  I’m going to have to look in my book and see what structural differences I’m up against in terms of my muscles.

I’m finishing my Personal Training Certification Exam while I am gone too.  I will be handing that in at the end of the month.  Then, we will see where that goes.

I also did my body fat count last night which I had not done since July.  Although I’ve stayed at 160lbs total since then, my body fat was always hovering around 23-25% in July.  Last night the reading was 22% – the lowest yet!  If my calculations are correct, that’s about 35 lbs body fat and about 125 lbs of lean tissue (including things like brains, organs, muscles, blood, etc.).

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