Back into it!

So, Monday night I was back to personal training from my two weeks away.  I was actually able to get to the gym 3 times when I was gone and I managed to get some good work in.  The gym at Chateau Montebello was small but good.  Some of the people I was traveling with seemed impressed that I was working so hard.  Dunno.  I just do what I do.

The downfall of being away is that I have been off good eating habits (all kinds of coffee/cookies/crap/more crap), and it shows.  It’s funny how easily things add up.  I am starting my detox tomorrow, quietly, because I was given crap today about starting it so close to Christmas…..but it’s only the 2nd!  I figure I can get it done and over with in 10 days and then be on good behaviour for Christmas.  Last year it was the time of year that I had one of my biggest drops.  Won’t happen this year, but at least I can get back on track….

Something I have to work on, on my own, is my squats again.  I was really good at them, but I seem to have fallen out of form.


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