What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger…..

So, tonight was a good night with the Strength gang.  I managed to beat a PR (Personal Record) with my squats.  I’m going up about 5 lbs at a time, and now I can do 75lbs for a set of 5.  Last week I could only do 70lbs.  Still working on the Romanian Deadlifts.  I find the stance hard to get since I can’t arch my back the way it should be going.  Similar on the squats.  I can feel my lower back pulling the way it wants to go, and I have to actually be very aware of where it shouldn’t be going….so, slowly figuring out how to bend the hips back without being aware of moving the weights down as they will go down on their own if the hips move backwards.

What I’m finding is that there is much more body awareness for me, and I’m thinking that is what I am struggling with the most.  Actually listening and paying attention to what and where things are working or not working.  It is different than most everything else I do during the day.  I like it.  I think it’s getting clearer to me as I move along how it all works together…

I tell you what though…..I have definitely been broken the last few days.  Squats, simple 45lb bar, and my legs feel like I ran a marathon.  I guess I was getting a little skimpy on what I was doing.  It does feel good though, I have to admit, this broken feeling.  It feels like I did something really hard.  And I know my legs will be all the better for it.  It probably contributed to me being able to lift the 75lbs tonight….

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