Squats aren’t so bad….really….they might even be good for you….

Much better tonight, was able to recover quicker too.  Brad reduced the amount of time between sets.  We were on a rolling clock of 1:30, whereas last week we were 2:oo minutes between sets.  It was tough, but good.  I have to admit, I actually like squats.  There is a distinct feeling of power on the way up (and I’m not even lifting anything but the bar).  It’s a great feeling when you push past limits.

Back to back PT session and Strength class is good too, although I’m a little worn out at the 1h30min mark, I tell ya.  However, I’m signing up for another 40 sessions.  They work, I like them, I’m going to keep it up.  I consider it an investment….in me.  And, it’s fun.  So that’s a bonus.

On another note, I am about 1 hour away from finishing my PT Exam…..just working on putting together the program for my client.  It’s interesting making stuff up, but it would be useful if I was doing it for real.  Maybe Leah will let me try it with her later on….

Getting back on track with eating too.  That’s the kicker right now.  I’m always hungry.  It’s not always easy.  I have to start watching quantities again, but at least I’m off the Starbucks.  That was a brief crazy period where I could not pass Starbucks without getting some $5 coffee.  Better for me, and my bank account.

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