2010 – The Year for Jen!

Started out 2010 beating my previous record of 3 sets of 5 pulldowns to 7 sets….at 90lbs.  And, get a load of this….I lost weight over Christmas!  4 lbs or so, but that’s two years in a row now.  Who does that?!  I weighed myself the last time about a week before Christmas and I was at 168lbs.  I thought for sure that with all the food/beer/crap, etc., that I’ve been eating, that it would have made it go up.  I even felt like my clothes are fitting tighter, etc.  But…..it’s only 4lbs from where I was.  The better eating over the past few days must have helped (I know it does).

I’ve decided to join Lean & Fit again to get some extra work in.  I was debating, but made the decision to do it.  It will be a good compliment to my Strength and Personal Training, and now that I’ve been out for a few months, I miss it.  That was the feeling I was waiting for.

On another note, I started a new job today that will be interesting…I just hope they have enough work for me!  I’m so accustomed to 15 or so projects on the go – having one thing to concentrate on may required I change my game plan…

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