3 nights in a row….might kill me…..slowly

Oh my lord….what have I done?  Can I seriously keep this up for 6 months?  Tonight nearly killed me after last night’s L&F class.  We did a whole pile of pushups last night – like 8 sets of 8 or something…I lost count.  Anyway, tonight I did 25 more.  5 or so 1″ plates off the floor.  A little more every week, but damn….

On a happy note, I bench pressed 90lbs tonight – 2 reps, but hey – that’s the heaviest yet.  I did 3 sets of 5 at 85lbs, a set of 4 and a set of 3.  That’s a whopping grand total of 22 at 85lbs!!!  On December 23rd, I was only working with 70-75 lbs.  That’s a great improvement for me!

On the PT front, Josh, the owner of Greco, has started looking over my PT Take home exam.  We will see what he has to say when he’s finished.  Hopefully I did ok…..

K, I’m super tired tonight…..I must be to be writing in Internet speak….

Friday it is then!  Legs!

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