One day off….One day on

So, I had a strange food episode yesterday….home at 3:30pm.  I rested and wanted to see if I could go to Strength class at 6:00pm.  Woke up about 10 minutes to 6pm, so I called and said I wouldn’t be in.  I thought it was courteous.  Better to not be there at all than to show up really late, I thought.  We are such a small class that you know when someone is missing, and I respect other people and their time.

L&F this am was a little easier than Tuesday, but it’s still tough.  I never really wrapped my head around the endurance required for that class.  Since I am continuing with 5 days a week, the extra work in L&F will be a direct complement to what I am doing in Strength class, PT and with my eating.  Only good things can come.

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