275 Kettlebell swings…and some Personal Records

We tested my pulldowns last night.  We are going to keep adding weight to the top (next week 95lbs!) and take 60lbs off the bottom.  Moving up slowly.  I think at last count, I did 89 pulldowns, 83 pushups.  I think that’s right.  Brad keeps track of everything for me.  Good thing.  Otherwise, I would be so lost.  It’s all I can do to concentrate on the exercises at hand…

As for the Kettlebell, the rest of the Strength class did upper body, and my upper had just got a workout, so I was challenged to do as many swings as I could in 30 minutes.  Target: 500.  Yeah, I was nearly totally exhausted and kept up a good pace for the first 100, at 20 per set, but then the fatigue started to settle in….and I made it to 275.  Not bad.  That will improve.

L&F tonight was good, still tough.  Glad to be back into it.  Definitely worth it.

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