The wisdom of breathing (from fellow Strength Class participant – Brian)

I’ve had trouble over the past few weeks, at various times, doing various exercises.  I can do a few of something, then I need to take a few deep gulps of air to get through the rest.  When I was working with a fellow tonight, by the name of Brian, on floor presses (where you lie on the floor and press a bar up so that your arms have less range of motion), he noticed that I wasn’t breathing during the actual exercise.  I was also struggling with getting a mere 75lbs up (while I’m benching more).  It’s tough too, because your back is not braced the same way…..anyway….

Brian told me about my breathing, and during the next round, I simply started breathing “properly” during reps.  And guess what?  I was actually able to press the 75lbs for 5 reps, no problem.  Imagine?  Breathing.  Who knew?

What I take away from today is this: when you exert stress on a system without thinking about what you’re doing, you can never get the same potential result as when you are focused and relaxed.

Thanks, Brian!  You rock!

Oh, and I was sorta almost able to do an assisted pull-up!  Just one, but I tested using the black band (had to use two bands before) and this time I made it almost all the way up.  Still working on it, but way further than I was when I started….

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