A day off….unscheduled.

Sometimes, everyone needs one.

I woke up this am, ready to get up and get to Greco….and then I thought….nope.  It’s looking like a sleep in day.  I did a pretty good workout last night – hit the squats again that I was having trouble with on Monday and got to between 70-75lbs, 4 sets sets of 5.  Going to keep working on getting that back up.  My back was a bit tight afterwards, but otherwise, the little sleep in this am did it some good I think.  Hit the pushups mostly from the floor with 4 plates to lower down to – 2x10lb, 2x5lb.  I’m working now about 5 inches off the floor.  Then I worked on a few reverse lunges, interspersed with more pushups.  Total pushups – 50.

Afterwards, the 3 pieces of greasy pizza that I had, and the 1/2 pint of Guinness, probably didn’t help my workout, but I think it has restored some energy today….time to get going.


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