Small classes

The past two night of Strength, we have had some small classes, and tonight Brad didn’t even show up!  Alright, he was somewhere else, teaching, so he is forgiven…this time!

I had a breakthrough tonight in terms of my squats.  I’m nowhere near where I was before weight-wise, but I understand now the difference between how it should and shouldn’t feel, and how one should do it properly, or as properly as I can I guess with my back.  I could actually feel the difference.  If you hold the weight a little lower down your back, you can actually “sit” into the squat.  This makes your abs work harder, and takes the stress of the back (who knew!).  So, what I did, was I stayed at a lower weight tonight, worked 8 sets in of 5 each, and it felt good.  A few times I noticed that I would be getting off track, and then I could feel when I pulled myself back into posture.  It was a pretty good night, all in all.  Got some floor pushups in too.  Chipping away at it.

On another note, I’m still plugging away at creating my leadership seminar. Things are coming together there too.

On yet another note, I often wonder what it takes to make someone snap?  Where does the impetus lie?  I was having a conversation today with a friend about her recent demise of her husband losing his mind, and since she was afraid for her safety and that of her children, she had him put into a hospital.  And now, everything is her fault.  He’s medicated an looking for monetary support, barely sees his children….It’s a sense of deja vu, as I had another friend recount nearly the exact same story to me last summer.  My question(s) is this: What the hell is going on?  Where the heck does this kind of behaviour come from?  You would think that after years of reading psychology books, talking with friends, studying people, that I would have some wicked insight (!)…sadly no.  I really have no idea.

My best thought on the subject is this: deal with issues as they happen.  Get everything out in the open.  Don’t carry guilt with you.  Kill the monster before it kills you.  Other than that, I got nothing.


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