The energy system…

…..I totally depleted mine on the weekend.  Had a flu type thing rip through me (literally) early Sunday morning.  Pushed it and went out last night to the GNR show anyway, and then went to work and the gym tonight…..yeah, I’m probably stupid, but whatever (the show was good!).

Tonight at the gym, I felt a complete and total exhaustion, like nothing I have ever felt before.  Where last week I was doing fine with my pulldowns, tonight I did manage to push through some sets (and Brad was easy on me), but it felt like I was lifting a truck.  After each combo set of pulldowns and pushups, coming up near the 10 set mark, it was brutal.  I had to lie down for a while after my 45 mintues (for about 45 minutes) to recupe some more.  I think that reset my clock as I felt much better when I left and actually feel pretty good now.  Needless to say, I didn’t attend Strength class as I was out of commission.

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