So, in order to move forward with the weights, I am regrouping.  I am going to slow down and not try to move forward so quickly.  I will work at my own pace to achieve better results.  Even on Friday it was better just moving forward by 5lbs on the squats, rather than try to move ahead by 10 or 15.  I took a look at the trend over some of the exercises since Christmas and I’ve noticed that I’ve moved forward to only have to move back again.  Not the direction I want to be going.  I think moving forward at a slower pace will be good for me.

I made it to a L&F class yesterday too.  It was good.  I’m glad I incorporated those back in.

On the eating front, well….the past few days have been brutally off track, but not the end of the world.  I know that I can snap it in when required and cut back down to good carbs (sans bread and sugar) and lean protein.  I stopped the detox last weekend too after my stomach bout, but I may just finish those herbals pills off and that will push me for another few days of eating better.  My skin, my mood and more overall health levels are always so much better when I put good things into me.

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