Another fall? I need a new set of feet….

So, yeah.  I fell going up the stairs at work this time.  Banged my knee, suffered a few scrapes.  Still recovering from my tumble from last August where I “broke” my foot….how do I do these things?  I told my trainer, Brad, and he just shook his head, asked me if it was the same set of stairs, asked me about my shoes, asked me about where I hit my leg.  Needless to say, that made the choice as to what part of my body I worked out tonight.  Upper body it was.

Still struggling a bit to get back to where I was in early January.  I’m not sure why I’m struggling, but making some small progress along the way is better.  I think I was making more progress when I was doing just a few extra pushups every week.  I will try to get some of those in on my off days.

I’m also eating okay, not great or as well as I could be, but I am going to start my meal planning again starting in March.  That gives me four months to lose 7 lbs and reset my new normal weight at 155lbs.

I’ve notices with my eating that dairy and bread is a no-no.  Taking them out when I was on my detox cleared up my skin in just a few days.  Since I only got through about half of my last detox before, what one of my gym mates tonight eluded to as “the Mexican diet” (lol), I will use the rest when March rolls around to kick start me back on track.

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