‘Twas a good night…

at Greco tonight.  My back felt very strong, although I’m having to work through the proper form on deadlifts.  I need to remember to drive my feet into the group and keep my eyes up.  It seems my legs straighten before my shoulders come up, which is problematic.  It is supposed to be a fluid movement, all happening at the same time.  More work to be done there, but managed 80lbs, for 5 sets of 5, so that’s good in my books.  The most consistent night yet for those things.  Got about 52 extra pushups in too.  It’s all good.

So, on another note…..if your horoscope is right most days, and then it tells you that you will come into money, do you buy a lottery ticket?  I just might.  Who is going to tempt fate?

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