Setting up for the next year…and some philosophical ramblings…

I think it’s important to reflect (see, I’m learning!) on where you’ve been so you can figure our where you need to go next.  Tomorrow, I’ll be sitting down with my trainer and reviewing my progress over the last year (yes, it’s been a year doing personal training already…) and then setting up for the next 12 months.  I know I’ve gotten much stronger, while my weight hasn’t changed significantly up or down (fluctuations by a few pounds no longer bother me…I know what needs to happen if it’s on the rise).

I’ve certainly learned alot over the past year, and I feel like I’ve made significant progress in a number of areas of my life.  Lots of goings on at this time for me.  All good things.

I’ve also been doing some new readings lately.  Books on death and pain.  Not the most uplifting topics, I have to say….but a worthwhile exercise in emotional fortitude.  Could have been why I’ve been feeling a bit “low” the past few weeks.  I also read a book on moral courage, which was better, and actually brought me out of my funk.

I was thinking about pain tonight as a physical perception.  Another thing that we take in by the senses, interpret in the brain, and then the brain spits back a response – like seeing.  When I fell last August, and hurt by ankles, my body was actually not able to comprehend the pain response.  I imagine that there was so much pain that my body hit the safety switch – like the big red switch that was on the wall in our Electronics Lab in college in case something went horribly wrong at any point.  In the body’s defense, it shut me down to reset my pain interpretation.  Cut the pain so I could actually manage my way back to consciousness.

In other words, a body is only able to handle pain beyond the normal threshold by shutting the perception of pain down in the brain.  Too much pain cannot be a good thing.  Hit the emergency switch.  Reset.

I feel as though we are a bit like this as a society.  We are on the brink of hitting the reset switch.  For the most part, we are desensitized to life.  Shut off from feeling alot of the time.  Shut off from being engaged with our physical reality because it may be too painful.  Shut off from our emotional reality because it is too messy.  The more bad news we see on TV, in the papers, the more we retreat.  Too much stimulation – but nothing has hit the switch yet.  We are in a limbo situation….so to speak.  Children under pressure to compete or to excel are playing video games to escape, what?  the stress?  Sad.  How did we get here?  Why do we “feel” more sometimes in projected images (i.e. movies) than we might in real life situations.  So many questions….so few answers.

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