February 23, 2010….and beyond

One year later, I’m gearing up for a new set of goals.  Brad, who I’ve mentioned before, helped me out today by explaining a new method of meal “compliance” that he’s been working with for his clients.  It is getting some great results, and is also a manageable way of reaching goals.  It’s a bit more involved at the beginning as you set it up, but over time it is easy and because it’s based on logic and process…it just works.  I like the sound of that.

We also talked about what my “goals” have been since last year.  He suggested that maybe it was just to maintain my weight and eat normally – which is exactly what I did.  I tried to get back on meal planning and whatnot last fall, but it just never felt right.  I think with the new meal compliance will be easier to incorporate into a daily routine.  I’m looking forward to starting and getting into it.

We also talked about progression towards goals – it’s not necessarily that you want to be perfect, you just want to be better than where you are right now.  I like that as a philosophy.  Often we strive for this elusive “perfect” state and never attaining it, we get discouraged.  If we simply strive to be better than we are right now, no matter what the step progression, this becomes a much more achievable target.  With just a little bit of trying, anyone can be one step better in anything they set out to accomplish.  Line up lots of little steps and the target is met.  Just depends on how fast or slow you want to get there.

On another note, but related, Brad mentioned a book, The Talent Code.  I noticed the book jacket posted up at work and even pulled it down to have look this week.  I’m going to pick it up and give it a go to see what new things I can learn.  A mentor I have at work also mentioned the book, From Good to Great, by Jim Collins.  I’m thinking it is along the same line.  So many books to read!

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