Cold War Hockey

Last night at the gym, it was “almost” a toss up between working out and watching hockey.  At 8:11 or so, not many people had shown up yet and Brad, Liz and I had already watched the first period of the game.  Two people had said they weren’t coming in.  After a few more minutes, some others showed up so we ended up having class anyway (the score was already well in favour of Canada winning) and Liz kept us updated until she left around 9pm.  Brad and I stayed to watch the last period until the jubilant end.  It was a good little night, all-in-all.

As for the workout, my legs were still in a world of hurt from my monday leg marathon of reverse lunges and split squats.  I worked on upper body again, and will be hitting lower body tomorrow.  A back and forth volley it is and that’s the way it will stay.  I worked on some dumbbell presses and some single arm rows and got it well past where I’ve gone before.  As I had been told, but really clued into last night, if you brace your core you can actually push way more than when you don’t.  I’m going to be doing that from now on.  Makes a whole heck of alot of sense and feels better when you are actually in the thick of exercising too.

Off to watch the Women’s Hockey tonight!

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