The Olympic Potential – 0-14 in 17 days…..and on a Virgo full moon!

The Full Moon went into Virgo at about 11:38 EST today!

I don’t remember ever watching any other Olympics with such enthusiasm.  I wasn’t more than a few years old when Montreal’s ’76 was in play.  I do remember watching Figure Skating and Canada’s sweetheart – Liz Manley –  in ’88, but in 34 years, the world has become a much different place.  We are “on” 24/7 with social networking, multi-media/portable broadcasting.  Hell, the modern Internet didn’t even exist for the other two Olympics.  We were not only exposed to more this time around, and could keep instantaneously updated on more (sometimes without really needing to), but we also came together as a Nation in a more patriotic way than ever before (according to what Brian Williams keeps telling me and from all the high-fives I got on Elgin Street tonight).  I’m pretty sure I’m not the only person who lost countless hours of sleep watching Curling either (who knew it was so riveting!)….and it wasn’t just because I thought John Morris was pretty cute.

That being said, all of the athletes are to be commended on their performances.  Those that came in first, second, third, fourth, fifth, or somewhere else down the line.  They represented us, our country, Canada.  Many, many hours of dedication and work go into such accomplishments.  I think the money distributed for the “Own the Podium” campaign (about $117 million from what I can gather) is a drop in the bucket for what it has brought back to this country.  A drop in the money bucket.  If future leaders of this country have any integrity at all and value Canadian unity as much as they say they do, they would keep the money coming.  Canada really is a nation full of all kinds of talents, but it seems at times like these, that it is our athletes that we gravitate around, who can inspire us to reach further, go faster and accomplish something we never thought we could, in any discipline.

I thought the Olympics were great from beginning to end.  Being “great” does not mean above controversy or adversity.  From the Georgian Luge athlete who lost his life, to Joannie Rochette losing her mother only a few hours after arriving in Vancouver, the opening ceremony cauldron mishap, the Women’s hockey team enjoying a win “like the boys” and finally to those athletes who wanted so desperately to place, to make their country proud.  A production on such a large scale as this isn’t going to be easy or clean.  I’ve been brought to tears more than a few times in the past 17 days.  So much emotion.  So much heartache.  That’s what LIFE is.

And who can forget, Alex Bilodeau, our Golden Boy, and his brother Frederic.  And Sidney Crosby…with the shot that got my heart beating again.

The Olympics, beyond the media and merchandising windfall it is on the outside (I bought my $20 shirt the last time I was in Vancouver which I proudly wore when going out, any chance I got), is a few days in time to celebrate people who have given everything to achieve their potential.  Some may have more humble beginnings, some may have bigger paychecks, but all of them, no doubt, have the same drive.  To be the best and to get to the top.


They are estimating an $11M shortfall from corporate spending this year to Own the Podium. If everyone who watched at least 1 hour of the Olympics this year (and I know 26.5M estimate watched the last game) chipped in $1, less than a coffee, the shortfall would be taken care of and then some for at least two years.

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