So, one way I have found to work around the ups and downs of some of my exercises is to do “micro-loading”, whereby instead of adding 5 lbs a week, I only add 2 lbs.  This gets me lifting more than I could, but it doesn’t seem to push me into the reverse mode.  I am able to continue with my deadlifts, and last night I made it to 92 lbs.  Next week will be 95 or maybe 94 if that doesn’t work, but every week will be a little bit more.  Better than two steps forward, one step back, roller coaster that I was on!

I also pushed through sets of 7 pushups from the floor.  The form was a bit off coming up to the end, but if I remember correctly, I did about 7 sets and then one set of 5 with 2 from the floor.

I like to see progress.  It makes me happy!

What I don’t understand are the people who go to the gym and then gab the entire time.  You are paying for this.  I can gab at home for free….

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