Presses and rows….

I got distracted yesterday….too much ambient velocity going on.  Two strength members had their kids in class…kids just have a whole whack of energy.  Anyway, I showed up early, was all set and ready to go, but got stalled out a bit on the presses, so I packed it up and got back to some rows.  I wasn’t doing them all that well, at 35lbs, so Brad gave me a demo on how it is actually your shoulder blade moving back that will dictate how far back the row will go… seemed a little harder that way, but then again, I hadn’t done them in a few weeks.

Not to worry, other things have been coming along, so if I stall out a bit here, it’s not the end of the world.

I’m gonna miss two strength classes and a PT session over Easter.  That sucks.  But, maybe I need the break.  I’ve been pretty exhausted lately.  Had a great 2 hour nap today, and I must have hit a good sleep, because I was having some of the strangest dreams I’ve had in a while for sure.  Some I can’t even repeat here….let’s just say that one of them had some sort of Roller Coaster type ride in it….and I was in New York, and then I was in some hotel sharing it with a friend from high school, and then some man hid a pair of high heel shoes in my bed.  I certainly don’t know what any of it means, at all….

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