Monthly Archives: April 2010

Monday & Wednesday

Monday night, PT was postponed, so I worked on a bunch of stuff – chinups, pushups and tri-cep extensions.  I put in some good work and managed 20 pushups from pin 4 on the rack – best yet!  Working slowly towards the floor.

Tonight, Brad had me do more of the same and then I worked on deadlift positions again.  I think (think) I am getting the hang of it.  I think the tri-cept extensions are helping too…I don’t seem to be pulling the weight with my bicep so much anymore.  And my chinups looked and felt better.  Way cool.  🙂

Brad also recounted a story of a haunted hill west of Pembroke.  Gave me goosebumps.

You should really watch the footage…

I think a road trip may be in order …..  🙂


Some new goals….

So, I’ve decided that for May and June my new goal is to focus on doing more for me again and less about what’s going on out there….there are some interesting things happening, for sure, out there….more about that later, but I want to be able to do a full chinup by my 3 year Greco mark.  I know I can do it, I’ve reached other goals with focus, so now comes the challenge.  Back to the meal plan, back to Lean & Fit.  8 weeks.  I’m going to push myself from good to great!


I totally played hookey on Wednesday – just didn’t feel like going, was tired.

Tonight was okay – made it to 85lbs on the bench press – 3 sets of 5 and 1 set of 4 and 1 set of 3.

Nothing much else happening here…

Monday, Monday…

We got rid of one of the bands tonight on my chin ups.  Tougher than all get out, but I still managed to do a few sets of 2 and one set of 4.  I couldn’t grind out the last one to make it to 5….but, I also weighed in a little heavier this week too at 166lbs.  Up by 3.  Pushups are coming along slowly at pin 4…like one new one a week.  I am going to have to practice them a bit more or something….my goal is to get to 20 at pin 4 and then I can move down another one….I know, patience.

Those new tri-ceps thing-a-ma-bobs are going to be the death of my poor arms.  Holy moly.  They are mighty little muscles, but you never realize in your day to day how much those little muscles hold up and support lots of actions you do with your arms.  I couldn’t even hold the pen to write after I did a few sets.  I was retarded.

I am consciously going to go back to my meal planning.  I have been a delinquent these past few weeks.  I just can’t seem to wrap my head around it this time.  Too much going on maybe, not sure.

Becnh press improvements….

A few weeks ago when I was doing bench presses, I could only do a few at 82lbs.  Last night, I managed a few sets of 4 at 85lbs.  On Fridays, I will continue to work on this, and I think all the extra upper body work is helping along with them too.  Xavier had me do some more rows, but we modified it for my back and I managed a few sets of 15 at 20lbs.  I will continue plugging away on that too.

At the end of class, he got me to do some extended core planks – I can do regular ones without much problem now (funny all those years ago at Good Life with my trainer Mary-Beth, I always had such trouble).  I measured a length from the wall of about 74″ and walked my hands out, without letting my feet touch the wall for support.  I managed a few sets of about 10-12 seconds.  It felt okay, but I will have to gauge how far I go and if I can extend my back that far.  As my core was getting more tired, it started to strain my back a bit.  You know, everything’s connected.

Looking forward to Monday already.  Does anyone get the idea that I love this stuff?


Instead of pushing any new weight goals tonight, I just concentrated on technique.  Lifting previous weight for the regular deadlifts and the new Sumo squatting deadlifts, that frankly should be making my legs look fabulous in short order (if I cared about such crazy things….which I probably do, sometimes…), but I digress.

I was working on locking out my arms on the regular deadlifts, shifting back down to a lower weight (starting at 65lbs again) to see where my technique drops off.  Now that I know I can lift up to 100lbs, I can concentrate on other things….it’s like piecing together a puzzle.  I made it to about 90lbs, but having to concentrate fully on locking the arms and working back up again.  I figure I compensate for my perceived lack of strength in my back, so I bend my arms to get the weight back down to the ground.  Probably why Brad has me working on extra tri-cep work too.  I’m guessing.  But, I suppose that my arms should really only be hooks when I do the deadlift.  Learning, learning….

I attempted to do some pushups, but my upper body is still pretty baked from Monday.  Pushups on Friday it is.

a quick recap….on a few nights….

April 10th – worked on some deadlifts since I missed it on Wednesday.  I hit the 100 lb mark.  However, I am bending my arms to counter balance the weight on my back, so Brad is getting me to work on some Sumo squats.  A wider stance, where my hips will get closer to the bar.  My back is very flat when I do the regular deadlifts, so we are going to work these new ones for a while.  Something new!

Slept in Saturday morning as a treat.

Last night – worked on chinups again.  Slow and steady.  Hit a PR with pushups from rung #4, slowly chipping that away too.  We worked on some new tri-cep extension stuff – nearly ruined me.  Couldn’t move my arms certain ways today.  Good though.  I can still feel it!

Trying to figure out when I can do my shadowing over the next few weeks….I think a week off work is in my near future.