97lbs. deadlifts and a little vanity….

I’m like a broken record, but I managed 97lbs deadlifts on Wednesday night.  Closing in on 100lbs is my first goal, then 135lbs.  Micro-loading is the best.  What a rush!!!

We are off for a week due to the Greco holiday schedule.  Sucks.  I did a L&F class last night.  Brutal.  I pushed myself to get all the extra work done too, which I did.

I’m not usually a vain/label person, but I did go buy a pair of jeans yesterday at the GAP (with a Giftcard I had from a long time ago).  First time ever in my wee life.  I thought I might be a 14 or something.  Nope.  A 10.  They look hot too!

Life is fun, isn’t it?

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