a quick recap….on a few nights….

April 10th – worked on some deadlifts since I missed it on Wednesday.  I hit the 100 lb mark.  However, I am bending my arms to counter balance the weight on my back, so Brad is getting me to work on some Sumo squats.  A wider stance, where my hips will get closer to the bar.  My back is very flat when I do the regular deadlifts, so we are going to work these new ones for a while.  Something new!

Slept in Saturday morning as a treat.

Last night – worked on chinups again.  Slow and steady.  Hit a PR with pushups from rung #4, slowly chipping that away too.  We worked on some new tri-cep extension stuff – nearly ruined me.  Couldn’t move my arms certain ways today.  Good though.  I can still feel it!

Trying to figure out when I can do my shadowing over the next few weeks….I think a week off work is in my near future.

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