Instead of pushing any new weight goals tonight, I just concentrated on technique.  Lifting previous weight for the regular deadlifts and the new Sumo squatting deadlifts, that frankly should be making my legs look fabulous in short order (if I cared about such crazy things….which I probably do, sometimes…), but I digress.

I was working on locking out my arms on the regular deadlifts, shifting back down to a lower weight (starting at 65lbs again) to see where my technique drops off.  Now that I know I can lift up to 100lbs, I can concentrate on other things….it’s like piecing together a puzzle.  I made it to about 90lbs, but having to concentrate fully on locking the arms and working back up again.  I figure I compensate for my perceived lack of strength in my back, so I bend my arms to get the weight back down to the ground.  Probably why Brad has me working on extra tri-cep work too.  I’m guessing.  But, I suppose that my arms should really only be hooks when I do the deadlift.  Learning, learning….

I attempted to do some pushups, but my upper body is still pretty baked from Monday.  Pushups on Friday it is.

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