Becnh press improvements….

A few weeks ago when I was doing bench presses, I could only do a few at 82lbs.  Last night, I managed a few sets of 4 at 85lbs.  On Fridays, I will continue to work on this, and I think all the extra upper body work is helping along with them too.  Xavier had me do some more rows, but we modified it for my back and I managed a few sets of 15 at 20lbs.  I will continue plugging away on that too.

At the end of class, he got me to do some extended core planks – I can do regular ones without much problem now (funny all those years ago at Good Life with my trainer Mary-Beth, I always had such trouble).  I measured a length from the wall of about 74″ and walked my hands out, without letting my feet touch the wall for support.  I managed a few sets of about 10-12 seconds.  It felt okay, but I will have to gauge how far I go and if I can extend my back that far.  As my core was getting more tired, it started to strain my back a bit.  You know, everything’s connected.

Looking forward to Monday already.  Does anyone get the idea that I love this stuff?

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