Monday, Monday…

We got rid of one of the bands tonight on my chin ups.  Tougher than all get out, but I still managed to do a few sets of 2 and one set of 4.  I couldn’t grind out the last one to make it to 5….but, I also weighed in a little heavier this week too at 166lbs.  Up by 3.  Pushups are coming along slowly at pin 4…like one new one a week.  I am going to have to practice them a bit more or something….my goal is to get to 20 at pin 4 and then I can move down another one….I know, patience.

Those new tri-ceps thing-a-ma-bobs are going to be the death of my poor arms.  Holy moly.  They are mighty little muscles, but you never realize in your day to day how much those little muscles hold up and support lots of actions you do with your arms.  I couldn’t even hold the pen to write after I did a few sets.  I was retarded.

I am consciously going to go back to my meal planning.  I have been a delinquent these past few weeks.  I just can’t seem to wrap my head around it this time.  Too much going on maybe, not sure.

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