Monthly Archives: April 2010


So, last night we got the news that Brad will no longer be gracing us with his presence on Monday and Wednesday nights.   He’s keeping the Friday night Strength class, but otherwise, he will have his nights off earlier than later now.  He deserves a life too.  For a few years now he has worked his butt off for all the clients at Greco – day and night.

So Xavier got me working on some shoulder things last night while I was doing my squat.  He wants me to keep my shoulders back.  I can do it to a point with my scoliosis and rods, but I can only do so much without being able to arch my back like his and bring my chest up fully.  It’s just not going to happen.  He put me onto an incline bench, lying on my stomach and got me to do some rows.  Because I cannot flex nor extend my back in any significant way, it didn’t work out so well.  Hell, I’m just happy to be doing what I’m capable of doing.  I think I might need to bring in my x-rays for the visual representation of what’s going on in there.  I have to remember that he’s new, and not everyone learns in the same way….some people need to see pictures.  Words just aren’t enough.


97lbs. deadlifts and a little vanity….

I’m like a broken record, but I managed 97lbs deadlifts on Wednesday night.  Closing in on 100lbs is my first goal, then 135lbs.  Micro-loading is the best.  What a rush!!!

We are off for a week due to the Greco holiday schedule.  Sucks.  I did a L&F class last night.  Brutal.  I pushed myself to get all the extra work done too, which I did.

I’m not usually a vain/label person, but I did go buy a pair of jeans yesterday at the GAP (with a Giftcard I had from a long time ago).  First time ever in my wee life.  I thought I might be a 14 or something.  Nope.  A 10.  They look hot too!

Life is fun, isn’t it?