May 1st

The month of April flew by….holy moly.  Friday (last) night, I worked on a mix of upper and lower, trying to get stuff in.  Did some dumbbell bench presses, and hit an all time high of 4 sets of 10 with the 30lbs weights.  AWESOME.  Did some bicep curls with 20lbs so I could get the right movement without my elbows flaring.  Managed some more split squats, although for some reason, my feet are a bit shaky these days.

I went to Lean & Fit this morning.  Anick from work is now going on a regular basis again.  Barb was there.  Sharon was there.  I feel like I have my own little tribe of women that go there now….all kinds of fun!

On a book note, I read The Power of Kindness and it is just such a great little book.  Now on board is the book Good to Great.  Awesome so far.  Both come highly recommended.

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One response to “May 1st

  • Adrian Bashford

    Loved Good to Great, it has shaped a lot of my thinking about successful businesses. A good follow-on was his book ‘How the Mighty Fall’, which –unfortunately– accurately described my experience at Nortel.

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