….one of the toughest, but best nights, I’ve had in a while.  Brad pushed me pretty good tonight on assisted band chinups (30) and pushups (50).  I’m getting to understand the how’s and why’s of things – like how my body works, how things should feel.  Funny though, I can’t take in new information if I’m in the middle of something.  I lose focus.  I don’t know if that’s a good thing or a bad thing, it’s just a thing I guess.  And I guess it depends on what you apply it to.  It’s like when I am doing something physical that is hard-wired, I can get easily distracted to the point of not being able to do the physical thing anymore.  Something to keep an eye on I guess.

Afterward, we moved to the Sumo Deadlifts.  He wanted to see my form.  He think I can manage much better there than doing the regular Deadlifts.  It’s like started back at a the bottom, but that’s okay.  It will climb pretty fast again if I take it slow like last time.

I did some more upper body work in Strength class, and I think I might try squats again on Wednesday.


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