Greco PT Certification – Day Two

Today, I shadowed Brad with six clients – 2 individuals in the morning and 2 partner groups in the afternoon.  What got me today was the fishbowl effect.  The first client is doing pretty much the same routine as I am with pushups and chinups, but something clicked today for me whereby I could visualize myself and the problems I’ve been having with my upper back and the muscles in my back in general.  Given the opportunity to watch a session rather than be a participant has allowed me to learn things about myself as well.

Again, most of the work you do at any gym is a function of your mental state.  Are you tired today?  Do you have something going on that is chewing up mental space?  Are you not sleeping well/having problems at home?  etc.?  Any number of things could be off.  The challenge is to find a quiet space inside yourself where you can get away.  I find that working out disconnects my thinking brain, to the point that while I’m working I can’t compute sometimes what is being said until I move away from the exercise.  Not a bad thing, but I can see how that might not work in all cases, with all people.

Another principle I learned today was one of going slowly and letting your body “hurt” in order to strengthen it.  Somehow, this seems counter-productive, but if you are not inclined to using certain muscles in certain ways, naturally they are going to be sore when you use them the way they are intended.  For example, keeping the back “tight” while doing a Romanian deadlift moving slowly through the exercise.  I imagine that most people don’t pay much attention to their backs, most of the time.  It’s there, it keeps you upright, but other than that, probably not used with much thought on a daily basis.  This is probably why there is so much chronic back problems in a general population.  Sitting all day also allows our back to become lazy, along with other muscles.

Tomorrow will be a shorter day.  I might throw in another class at some point this week since I’m not doing strength.

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