Greco PT Certification – Day Three

I got to see Brad with the same client today, and doing a different routine.  Interesting to see the level of intensity shift from one day to the next.

After lunch I got to see him train an athlete.  So far, most of the people he has are general population.  Seeing him with an athlete, how he changed his approach, and what he kept the same was interesting to observe.  From the outset, you could tell the difference that was already there in the mindset of the young athlete.  It was more focused.  Not alot of talking about things that didn’t relate to his goals, and a more regimented way of approaching the exercises.

I took the day off today as Brad only had one mid-day client that I saw him with on Tuesday.  I will go back tomorrow for the morning.

On another note, the hockey game last night was awesome….all the way around.  On to ROUND 3 for Montreal.  They might be able to do this – get Stanley back to Canada….it will remain to be seen.

On yet another note, my cousin Sherri will be joining me tonight at Greco for Lean & Fit.  Her and her husband are thinking of joining.

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