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Friday afternoon Brad Special…get it while it’s hot…. :)

Yeah, so – where do I begin.  25 minutes outside, blazing sun….I was teamed up with another victim to pull that blessed tired across the parking lot.  Twice.  Fun times.  Then tire flips (where my partner did most of the work….still not so great at those), then some dips, some pushups, some leg raises, two lengths of Farmer’s Walks (with TWO kettlebells)…am I forgetting anything?  Probably.  And that was just the outside part.

I have to say, that I do enjoy it though…despite the griping…it’s fun to challenge yourself.

Inside – 25 minutes – the goal was to do 100 each of: overhead presses and bicep curls with a weight that you could reasonably lift 15 times.  Then grip strength drill for 5 minutes.  Then 100 Hindu squats (I told Brad he was evil).  You’d think I’d be getting good at these by now….for goodness sakes….I managed 50 each of the press and bicep curls with 15lb weights, a whopping 40 seconds of grip strength (2×20 seconds each) and 60 Hindu squats.

I honestly felt ready to puke nearing the end.

At one point, one of the other victims said “Who signed me up for this?”  I giggled.

On another note, I sent out a short script today to a competition!  Will hear back by August 25th-27th if it’s selected to go to the next round.


Solid work counts too.

I put in some solid work tonight.  Nothing spectacular – just some work.  Forgot my book so I had to write everything on post it notes (which reminds me that I have to convert them over…).  My shoulders and lats hurt like I don’t even know what today when I was doing dips.  I was thinking that it must have been the reverse grip pushup from an elevation that I was doing on Saturday (forcing my arms to stay in and I guess engaging my back more?).  All I know is that I have never been this sore, and really that is the only new thing that was pushed on Saturday.

Oh, and apparently I have elbow dimples.  What are those, you ask?  When I lifted the the barbell to do a bicep curl, there appear to be little divets where the crease of my elbow is.  Funny, eh?  Apparently my very observant trainer said he has never seen them on anyone before.  Glad to know.  I pride myself on being somewhat unique.

Playing catch up

Seems like a short and a long time, all at the same time.  Let me catch you up:

July 21st – gym night.

July 23rd – shoulder surgery stitches removed

July 24th – strength training (where things were not as easy as i would have thought); pig roast, 2 friends birthdays

July 25th – power lifting

Just now, I am only starting to play catch up on the stuff I should have gotten done last week/end.  And more homework from the prof today during the class.  Blast!

My shoulder recovery is coming along, which means it’s healing, and it’s totally manageable.  I’ve been lucky.  No pain.

Other than that, I realize that I need to setup a more structured routine for my life.  Not enough sleep and I’m bagged.


Wow, this is a great little movie called Lemonade….watch it….please.  It might change you if you let it.

160 lbs of rubber…

I dragged a tire back and forth across the pavement tonight.  That’s my own body weight.  Dragging it forward was interesting.  You have to lean into it and trust your body to not let you down.  I guess what I’m learning through this process, that even though my body let me down all those years ago, I can still do things with it I didn’t think possible.  Dragging it backwards put alot of the emphasis on the quads (which I also have to hit for my Hindu squats later…).  That is killer, but you know you’re working.

Flipping the tire, I know I will be able to do once I get a bit stronger in my back and am able to lift with my legs without engaging my arms.  I was about 1/3 of the way there tonight.

Did I mention this was after chinups and pushups?  Yes it was.

Then I did my regular Strength class.  Managed to get in a few things.  Upped the weight on the Sumo deadlift by another 10lbs to 85lbs.  Did a few.  Will probably work on multiple sets of 75lbs to start.  And then hit 85lbs again.  Was nice to know that I could do a few though.

Now onto my Power lifting homework.  1000 Hindu squats and 300 pushups over the next week and a half.

Everything we’ve done wrong….

I was watching the Carl Safina TED lecture tonight.  100 years ago, my ancestors would not have been able to see this at all.  The most they could have hoped for was a blip in a paper that they may have read about the oil spill in the Gulf.  A letter from a relative perhaps.  They would not have been as easily impacted in their daily lives.

With the Internet, we are allowed to witness our own demise.  We are a witness to our own slow destruction.  We are one of the first sliding windows of humans to be able to do that.  We are witnessing the destruction of our planet at our own hands.  It started with television, it is continuing with the Internet.

When you see something like this, does it make you mad?  It makes me upset.  What can I do?  I drive a car.  I require oil products.  I need them to drill for oil.

I agree.  All the things that have gone wrong are the symptoms of a deeper cause.  Not many people give a crap, and we need to wake up.

I got the best quote from a friend – “98% of society is asleep, and the other 2% are looking around in absolute amazement or abject horror or both.”

Watch this TED lecture and tell me this guy is wrong.

My heart…

It is hard for the face to conceal the thoughts of the heart — Unknown

My heart – so I found out on Saturday morning, gets a bit jumpy at the outset of exercise.  I picked up a heart rate monitor yesterday and wore it in class last night.  It worked like a charm to tell me that my active heart rate is pretty high.  I’m going to run some more tests over the next few weeks and see what the results are.  All to say, that during a 20 minute bout of exercise (mostly upper body), my max rate was 179 and my working rate was somewhere around 160.

Ah, my poor little heart beats pretty fast to keep up with the demands I make of it.  I wonder if this translates over into any other area of my life.