“Strength”lifting 101

Attended the first class Powerlifting class today at the Merivale Y.  Was about half and half theory and practical.  Even have some homework to do (500 body weight squats).  Sam is a really good teacher, and a self-proclaimed rambler (I didn’t mind though, what he was saying was very interesting and useful in terms of learning).

I knew going in that I would have flexibility issues.  They are apparent, but I am going to work on them again in the next little while.  I haven’t squatted in class in a “long” time.  I’ve been mostly concentrating on some other things (upper body, etc.) and I know I’ve pretty much neglected lower body for some time.  Time to get back into it.  The new structured class that Brad has developed will help tremendously, keeping everyone on track with what to do when.

Looking forward to next week already!

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