The connections that are made in 40+ degree weather…

So, I was at Strength Class tonight.  It was hot and brutal, and only marginally cooler than the Sahara desert…but I digress.

I’ve been doing Sumo deadlifts for a few weeks now, practiced them the last time til I could do 50 no problems (or at least relatively well).  That was at 65 lbs.  For those of you who followed when I was doing regular deadlifts, I was adding weight very slowly and I was doing them in incorrect form.  Tonight I jumped from 65 to 75 lbs, not a problem.  I was a bit burnt out after 20, but I made the connection tonight with the additional weight that I had not felt before.  My hamstrings and glutes actually felt stronger and working in a different way.  I guess all that extra work is paying off.

As for another exercise, I’m not doing the glute bridge the right way yet.  I’ve been working up to doing it.  I couldn’t even do 5 or so of my modified versions a few months ago.  Again, I guess the extra work has been really paying off.  I managed to get in I think it was 30 or so.  I’m working up to doing the proper exercise, but by the end of class, I was a bit tired (I would say baked, but Brad makes fun of me for saying that)…..and I just didn’t have the strength anymore to care to do it the proper way.  Shitty attitude, I know, but I’ve also not been sleeping much lately with the heat wave that is ripping a slow crevice through my brain.

It was a million degrees outside today.  I’m not even kidding.  Hotter here than in Death Valley.  I shit you not.

Update on the glute bridge:  I was doing it the proper way, according to my Strength Training Anatomy book, except I chose to do it off a ball, instead of a bench.  I’m just going to stick with that for the time being.

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