60 minutes

Wow, tonight’s class just flew by.  I got there a bit late.  What was up with the traffic today?  Rain, I swear, allows people the luxury of losing their minds….Every which way I went – TRAFFIC.  At 5:30, it has usually subsided mostly.  Ah well, not today.

Getting more proficient at the dumbbell snatch.  Worked on that last week too.  My right arm is still a bit weak compared to my left.  Still can’t do burpees to save my life.  Attempted to flip a big ass tire, but didn’t have the leverage to get right underneath to flip it.  Soon though.  It’s coming.

For the Powerlifting course on Sunday, I’ve been doing my homework.  I’m up to 300 BW squats.  I’m also throwing in about 100 squats, on a platform-ish hell, with a light bar (mop handle) and proper foot placement.  I figure it’s like the band work I’ve been doing with chinups – use a crutch and slowly remove it when it’s no longer required.  Already I can see improvements.

Heading to the Goodlife in the morning with my friend Julie to show her some new stuff to add to her routine.  Should be fun!

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