Strengthlifting 101 – part deux

Today’s 4 hour session was fun.  Over the week I managed to accomplish the 500 squats (did more but with an improper assistance technique of a high elevation, so I didn’t count those ones, but I did do them okay).  Every day, especially doing those squats, I felt a little stronger.  I’m finding my recovery rather slow in general lately, and I’m even taking a glutamine supplement which should be helping.

We covered a number of variations and assistance lifts that will help in doing primary lifts today.  I’m going to continue to work on the Sumo Deadlifts as I find them much better for me in general.  Someday, I will get back to doing the Deadlift variation, but not quite yet I don’t think.  Still have some work to do there.

No class next Sunday since a whole host of us are busy or out of town.  I’m also going to be out of upper body commission for about a week, so I will be focusing on lower body for a while.  This will just get me even better for when class resumes.

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