Everything we’ve done wrong….

I was watching the Carl Safina TED lecture tonight.  100 years ago, my ancestors would not have been able to see this at all.  The most they could have hoped for was a blip in a paper that they may have read about the oil spill in the Gulf.  A letter from a relative perhaps.  They would not have been as easily impacted in their daily lives.

With the Internet, we are allowed to witness our own demise.  We are a witness to our own slow destruction.  We are one of the first sliding windows of humans to be able to do that.  We are witnessing the destruction of our planet at our own hands.  It started with television, it is continuing with the Internet.

When you see something like this, does it make you mad?  It makes me upset.  What can I do?  I drive a car.  I require oil products.  I need them to drill for oil.

I agree.  All the things that have gone wrong are the symptoms of a deeper cause.  Not many people give a crap, and we need to wake up.

I got the best quote from a friend – “98% of society is asleep, and the other 2% are looking around in absolute amazement or abject horror or both.”

Watch this TED lecture and tell me this guy is wrong.


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