160 lbs of rubber…

I dragged a tire back and forth across the pavement tonight.  That’s my own body weight.  Dragging it forward was interesting.  You have to lean into it and trust your body to not let you down.  I guess what I’m learning through this process, that even though my body let me down all those years ago, I can still do things with it I didn’t think possible.  Dragging it backwards put alot of the emphasis on the quads (which I also have to hit for my Hindu squats later…).  That is killer, but you know you’re working.

Flipping the tire, I know I will be able to do once I get a bit stronger in my back and am able to lift with my legs without engaging my arms.  I was about 1/3 of the way there tonight.

Did I mention this was after chinups and pushups?  Yes it was.

Then I did my regular Strength class.  Managed to get in a few things.  Upped the weight on the Sumo deadlift by another 10lbs to 85lbs.  Did a few.  Will probably work on multiple sets of 75lbs to start.  And then hit 85lbs again.  Was nice to know that I could do a few though.

Now onto my Power lifting homework.  1000 Hindu squats and 300 pushups over the next week and a half.

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