Solid work counts too.

I put in some solid work tonight.  Nothing spectacular – just some work.  Forgot my book so I had to write everything on post it notes (which reminds me that I have to convert them over…).  My shoulders and lats hurt like I don’t even know what today when I was doing dips.  I was thinking that it must have been the reverse grip pushup from an elevation that I was doing on Saturday (forcing my arms to stay in and I guess engaging my back more?).  All I know is that I have never been this sore, and really that is the only new thing that was pushed on Saturday.

Oh, and apparently I have elbow dimples.  What are those, you ask?  When I lifted the the barbell to do a bicep curl, there appear to be little divets where the crease of my elbow is.  Funny, eh?  Apparently my very observant trainer said he has never seen them on anyone before.  Glad to know.  I pride myself on being somewhat unique.

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