Monthly Archives: August 2010


Today, we worked solely on techniques that I can use in my training.  It was a physically exhausting kind of day, but good all the way around (despite the fact that I’m sore as all get out…)

I did about 45 minutes of skipping, on and off.  When I was a kid, that was all easy.  Now, not so much. Skipping is a challenge though.  We practiced normal skipping, alternating feet, split feet, cross-over and the double-under.  The last two were much more involved, if you can imagine.  We didn’t stop til I got them a few times, to at least prove that I could do it.  It’s easier to do when you think less.  Less brain involvement, more involuntary movement.

After that, we worked on kettlebell swing techniques.  Strapped up with a band to the rack, we did a bunch of balance exercises, where you have to kick your hips out while retracting your knees so your legs are straight.  Then we strapped me up, one band to the rack around my hips, another band around the back of my knee held by my trainer.  I felt like I couldn’t move.  Then, did kettlebell swings.  All kinds of kettlebell swings.  Then some swings with the band attached to the bell and secured by my feet on the floor.  All in all, it was a helluva workout.

Then, I did another 305 rotations with alternating feet skipping in about 5 minutes – last week I managed 500 regular rotations in about 4:30 minutes (best yet!).  I’m sure there was some more stuff in there, but I can’t remember.  I know we tried to do chinups, but my legs were so burnt, my hamstrings shot, I couldn’t even get my leg down.  It was kinda sad.

That was after a powerful week of working out, whereby I did lots of upper body stuff on Monday, tons of Sumo deadlifts on Wednesday, and 100 pushups, 30 modified tire-lifts, about 15 minutes of weighted lunges.

What a week….not to mention everything else that went on this week.  No wonder I was so burnt out last night.