I know, I know…haven’t been here in a while.  I promise to more diligent….but there’s alot of stuff going on here.

As for my weightlifting, on Wednesday I sumo-deadlifted 110lbs.  If anyone remembers, I was inching my way back up to 100lbs.  The most I had done until then is 90-95lbs.  I felt good, doing 1 REP Max testing, so I just kept going.  I likely could have pushed 115lbs, but now I have something to go for next week.  I hope this strength wasn’t a fluke.  I happened before where I was able to do all these assisted chinups one week, and then….only half the next week.  Arrrggghhh…frustrating, but I hope this time it lasts.  I feel stronger.

If anyone is reading this, and going through their own journey…keep up the work.  It only gets better.

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