Four off the floor! (at 115lbs)

I’ve been working up the Sumo deadlifts.  Cracked 115lbs off the floor 4 times on Wednesday.  Yay for me!  A little tight in my lower back after, but it felt good today.  More reps at a lower weight will build up some capacity so I can keep progressing…

On another note, I setup my TRX System the other night.  I don’t have a ceiling anchor, so I’m using a MacGyvered door mount (a 5″ pipe and a hand sewn strap), and so far I’ve been doing between 40 and 60 assisted squats, working my way up to doing a pistol squat, and some recline rows.  I’m also doing pushups at home now.  Working my way up to 10 sets of 10.  They’re coming along.

Chinups too.  I can hold at the top now.  My own body weight.  Lowering and raising are other issues, but working on that too….

Tools I’m picking up: Gymboss and a good quality skip rope.  Slowly building my arsenal….:).





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