A change of pace….

So, on Monday, I officially made the move from the Strength Program at Greco to my own program at the Merivale YMCA.  I’ve got some friends there, and the atmosphere is really great.  Still on contract with Lean & Fit, and I’m going to get in once a week there or so, and I’m still training with Brad at Greco once a week as part of my new Strength plan.

I’m looking forward to the change and already I can see that I’m going to like it.  I don’t feel the same time constraint pressure as I did, and I know what I have to accomplish when I get there.  I’ve already realized some gains and tonight I did sumo deadlifts for the first time.  The plates are regular size, so I actually lift kgs off the floor, instead of needing the step to get the weights to the right height.  I feel like a grown up.  🙂  I find that I’m actually spending more time there, if you can believe it.  I get there around 8pm and leave around 10pm.  I can take my time, get the proper amount of work in necessary, and feel like I’ve accomplished my goals at the end of the night.

Oh, and on Saturday, I did 12 regular pushups off the floor…..all by my little self.  That’s coming along great too.

If only I could spend all my time at the gym….

I was mentioning to my friend Sheri the other night that it would be interesting to see if I could somehow put together a training plan for girls with scoliosis.  I’ve been doing research, and there is a place over in Britain that does strength work, based on a derivative method of muscular and skeletal manipulation, that has seen some pretty remarkable results.  I’m wondering if there is a way to help people without them having to go through surgeries as this organization has done.  It would be something to look into for sure….





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